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Batteridrivna laddstationer för Honda Miimo

För flexiblare och mer ekonomiska laddningslösningar har IdentSystem AB tagit fram två varianter av laddstationer för Honda Miimo3000.

Batteridriven signallåda – ISBP1

ISBP1 är en batteridriven signallåda för Honda Miimo HRM3000.

Enheten är framtagen speciellt för att användas vid små gräsytor, där installation av en dockningsenhet inte är ett ekonomiskt försvarbart alternativ och maskinen flyttas och får köra tills batteriet tar slut (ca 2 timmar) innan den omladdas manuellt.

Enheten är försedd med med ett inbyggt Li-Ion laddningsbart batteri som ger en ungefärlig driftstid av sändaren till HRM3000 i ca 20h. En LED på enheten (som på Miimos sändarstation) indikerar när sändarfunktionen är aktiv.

Funktionerna är samma som på laddstationen. Enheten har en brytande kontakt som när batteriet laddas kopplar bort sändarkortet.

ISOL/Powerbox – ISBP3

ISBP3 är framtagen speciellt för att användas vid installationer där ingen elektricitet finns framdragen som till exempel rondeller, sommarhus, öar etc.

ISBP3 är avsedd att användas oberoende av elanslutning (behöver ingen nätanslutning) och laddas genom 2 st solcellspaneler alternativt i kombination med ett vertikalt vindkraftverk. 

Huvudenheten är försedd med ett inbyggt LiFePO4 laddningsbart batteri som ger en lång driftstid av HRM3000.

ISBP3 levereras komplett med huvudenhet, batteri, nödvändigt kablage, solceller och i förekommande fall vindkraftverk, beroende på kundens önskemål och behov. Monteringsram ingår för solcellerna och vindkraftverket levereras med fäste för fastsättning vid byggnad eller fristående. Enheten klarar även av att driva multi Miimo. 

Vill ni veta mer: kontakta oss på, eller besök vår webbshop

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Battery-powered charging station for Honda Miimo

For more flexible and economical charging solutions, IdentSystem AB has developed two variants of charging stations for Honda Miimo 3000.

Battery-powered signal unit – ISBP1

ISBP1 is a battery-powered signal unit for Honda Miimo HRM3000. The unit is constructed especially for use in small spaces of grass, where installation of a docking unit is not a financially viable alternative and the HRM3000 is moved to let run until the battery is depleted (ca 2 hours) before it is manually recharged.
ISBP1 is delivered with a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery that supplies the HRM3000 transmitter with extra power for ca 20h. A LED, similar to the HRM3000 charging station, indicate then the transmitter is active.
The functionality is the same as on the charging station, the unit has a breaking contact that disconnects the transmitter when the battery is removed.

ISOL/Powerbox – ISBP3

ISBP3 is an advanced unit that does not require any power to run a Honda Miimo HRM3000.
The unit is intended to be used where there is no electricity like roundabouts, summer cottages, football fields, islands etc.
ISBP3 does not require any connection to the power grid, its battery bank is charged either via solar panels alone or in combination with a vertical windmill.
The main unit has a 100 Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable battery that gives an operating time of an HRM3000 for appr 18 h. (max battery is 200Ah).
The units can also handle multi-Miimo setups.
ISBP3 is delivered with the main unit, one battery 100 Ah, cables and solar panels and if desired, a vertical wind mill depending on where to use the unit and how. Minimum delivery is only solar panels and a 100 Ah battery. An aluminium frame is included for the solar panels. The vertical windmill is delivered with mounting for stand-alone or for attachment to a building or roof.

For more information contact us at:

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Benefits of using EVS144 Barcode reader

There are many reasons to use a forklift-mounted code reader. First, ergonomics and the working environment becomes better with a reader mounted on the lift. In all situations of cargo handling, it is important to reduce the handling as far as possible in order to minimise damage to the cargo, and if you ensure correct handling the number of errors are reduced and both customer and supplier can save money. Error in the warehouse can also be minimised at the same time as the risk of sending the wrong product to the customer is less.
If you also combine the EVS144 reader with a positioning system (by RFID), you can have almost 100% control over warehouse transfers and transactions. By always doing the right thing, the environmental impact is also lessened.

Summary of the benefits of EVS144:

  • Improved working environment/ergonomics
  • Minimised handling of cargo
  • Less damage on the cargo
  • Less or no stock handling errors
  • Fewer erroneous deliveries
  • Reduced environmental impact
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Combine your EVS144 barcode reader with floor-mounted RFID tags

If you want positioning information forwarded to your WMS to ensure that the load is delivered to the right location, our EVS144 code readers can be combined with Ideal 125 RFID reader and tags embedded in the floor for fully automated and controlled pick-and-place operations in your warehouse or transfer location.

125kHz tag embedded in concrete floorIDeal125 antenna under forklift

When your forklift passes an embedded positional floor tag for pick-up, the RFID reader sends positional data to EVS144, which can choose to send on the position to the onboard computer right away or to hold on to the information until a barcode is scanned and at that time send on both positional and item codes as one packet to the onboard computer, and onward to your WMS server for further placement instructions. The floor tag on the placement position can then be read on approach for confirmation of successful delivery.

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Identsystem Ethernet-connected 500E LF–reader

IdentSystem 500E LF reader is a compact, easy to use LF reader capable of reading both 125 kHz and 132.5 kHz tags. 500E is ideal for tracking items on conveyor belts, pallet conveyors as well as CNC machinery. 
Configuration of the unit is done through a user-friendly web interface from your browser and configuration through a serial terminal is also available. 
To further simplify usage, the reader uses our standard (and custom RFID LF-antennas). Note that there are some limitations to the size of antennas that can be used.

  • 125 and 134,2 kHz operating frequency 
  • Read-Only + Read/Write 
  • Ethernet connection to PC for communication and data transfer 
  • Configuration by web interface or serial terminal connection 
  • Wide range of antennas is available. 
  • Reading distance depending on tag, antenna and environment
  • Support the following tags:
    125kHz: HITAG1, HITAG2, HITAG3, Q5, EM4x02, EM4x05 (ISO FDX B), EM4x50, TI-RFID.
    134.2kHz: 64bit R/O (8 bytes R/O), 64bit R/W (8 bytes R/W), 1088 bit multipage (117×8 byte R/W)
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EVS144NG camera module for upgrading your old EVS-system

We will release a new read head EVS144NG in our range of EVS barcode scanners. The EVS144NG will be equipped with a state of the art camera module and have much higher performance than our previous models.

Features for the EVS144NG read head.

  • Reading distance about 40% better compared to existing matrix camera
  • Faster code reading
  • Better auto-focus function with less moving parts
  • Less sensitive to sun-light when working outdoor
  • Prepared for -30 degrees in freeze houses or cold area
  • IP67

The camera unit is compatible with our previous range of EVS144 Line and EVS144 Matrix for upgrade.

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Forklift positioning data with RFID

This week we wanted to present one of our RFID solutions that we have got many questions about. It is the use of our IDEAL134 LF-RFID reader mounted on a forklift to control its position when picking up and/or delivering pallets, for example from a storage location to a container for further shipping.
The location data will be collected through a tag that is embedded in the concrete floor at the container location, or the storage space, and is read by a custom antenna mounted below the forklift. Pick-up and delivery location can then be read on the forklift’s onboard screen or sent on to a WMS.

RFID truck

Our own RFID products and systems suitable for the logistics industry are mainly working in the LF range (125kHz). This range relatively insensitive to its surroundings, working around both water, metal, ice and snow. Reading distances are typically within 50cm which naturally reduces the risk of cross-reading another tag in the vicinity. Another advantage is that the range is less regulated and antennas can be custom made to fit a specific application without needing to be tested and approved – thus allowing a high flexibility in antenna design.We do however also help out customer to whole systems, built around what is best for their application – there are after all times when a HF or UHF system is better suited to solve a particular problem.

Regarding the RFID tags, we have a large assortment of LF and other tags among our products, such as encapsulated tags for embedding in a concrete floor, small glass tags to embed in tools and machinery, UHF sticker tags for labeling of singer products or packages, even for use in the food industry. We have also tags suited for mounting on a piece of machinery or service location, that is scanned to document when the item is serviced controlled.

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EVS144 code readers for harsh environments

Ident System AB EVS144 code readers are a code reader series that is easy to install because of its small dimensions. While both EVS144 models are made for rough outdoor use, the EVS144 Imager excels in strong daylight situations, even where direct sunlight is present. The EVS144 Line Camera on the other hand is made for high reliability in low light environments and can if needed be equipped with an external spotlight. The EVS144 line is also available in a version adapted for freezing environments, down to minus 30 degrees Celsius such as frozen warehouses and harsh outdoor temperatures. If needed, we can also adapt existing units for cold temperature use. Both models have a joystick-controlled movable read-head which makes them suited for both fixed mounting such as entrance areas or conveyor belts, or forklift mounted. The long reading distances, up to 6 m for the line camera and 13 m for the matrix depending on code size, as well as large depth of sharpness and ability to read a wide range of codes as well as inverted codes, codes punched in metal sheets or low quality printed codes makes this a truly versatile series for use in harsh environments where reading conditions and/or a large flexibility to read a range of code types and object sizes are present.
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DOBOT MG400 – Problemlösaren

Robot armen MG400 som introducerades av DOBOT tidigt detta år han blivit en stor hit bland våra kunder.
Vi har återkommande kunder både inom utbildngssektorn där de används för utbildnings- och forskningsprojekt likväl som i retail där de används för plockning vid automatiserad prismärkning av varor.

MG400 är en ny robotarm som är utvecklad med mer industriella prestanda än deras tidigare robotarmar. Till exempel kan den anslutas till och styras via PLC. 


MG400 har den räckvidd på 440mm och kan rotera 160˚ runt sin egen axel. Kommunikation sker via TCP/IP alt. Modbus TCP.

MG400 har en vikt på 8kg och behöver mindre än en A4-sida för montering, basplattans storlek är endast 190x190mm. Lyftkapaciteten är 500g. MG4500 har en presicion vid upprepade rörelser på 0,05mm.

Kontakta oss för mer info.

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Sista veckorna på vårt sommarerbjudande!

Vi har sedan 1a Juni haft sommarerbjudande på DOBOT’s nya MG400 robotarm och Honda Miimo robotgräsklippare på vår svensaka webbsite Det finns fortfarande chans att beställa produkterna, men den 31 Juli är sista dagen, så passa på medan chansen finns!

MG400 är en ny robotarm som är utvecklad med mer industriella prestanda än deras tidigare robotarmar. Till exempel kan den anslutas till och styras via PLC. MG400 har en räckvidd på 440mm och kan rotera 160˚ runt sin egen axel. Kommunikation sker via TCP/IP alt. Modbus TCP.

MG400 har en vikt på 8kg och behöver mindre än en A4-sida för montering, basplattans storlek är endast 190x190mm. Lyftkapaciteten är 500g. MG400 har en presicion vid upprepade rörelser på 0,05mm.

Sommarpriset för MG400 är 19.900SEK plus moms.

Lämna över gräsklippningen till Honda Miimo. Hondas intelligenta robotgräsklippare som är fullständning självgående och klipper din gräsmatta helt automatiskt.

Läs mer om Honda Miimo på Hondas hemsida!

Klarar enkla trädgårdar till mer komplexa gräsmattor med rabatter, ojämn mark och sluttningar. Miimo ger dig en perfekt gräsmatta under tiden du gör roligare saker! Finns i 3 stolekar bereonde på strolek på trädgård.

  • HRM 310 upp till 1500 kvm – 14.900SEK inkluisive moms
  • HRM 520 upp till 3000 kvm – 16.900SEK inkluisive moms

När du köper en Honda Miimo erbjuds du även en trygghetsförsäkring, du får 2 års garanti från Honda samt att du kan få ytterligare totalt 8 års trygghet.

Läs mer om DOBOT M1 + AGV, Honda Miimo och trygghetsförsökringen på vär webbshop: – under menyerna Robotgräsklippare eller Robotarmar.