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The story behind Ident System

In our newsletters, we always tell you about our existing and coming products and solutions, but seldom about ourselves and the background of Ident System AB.
We now thought it was time to change that, and here is a short history of the company and our corse products.

It all started by the end of the 1980s when Saab-Automation developed analog CCD cameras in addition to barcode scanners and tag readers for industrial use within various applications. These cameras were commonly used in the wood processing and automobile industries. Even microwave-based RFID technology was found in the product portfolio.

In 1990 Saab Automation was aquired by Swiss Baumer and the company in Sweden become Baumer Ident AB. Baumer further developed these cameras and invested much effort into widening their original RFID portfolio with additional systems, mainly 125kHz but also UHF based products.

During the 2000s, Baumer Ident AB was sold to Identec Solutions AG who moved the business to Austria.

In 2010 former employees of Baumer and Saab decided to develop a new generation of digital cameras based on previous experience and know-how, unveiling a whole new range of digital cameras was ready by the autumn of 2013. To sell, market and develop the new product the company Ident System AB was registered at that same time and EVS138 and EVS144 were introduced and reached huge success within the paper industry. During 2016 Ident System AB launched the EVS144 Imager – a unique product for the market.

Parallel to this, a replacement that is fully compatible with Baumer/Identecs RFID system OIS-L has been developed and during 2015 a new UHF reader was launched.

In 2017 Identsystem started cooperation with Dobot regarding sales and distribution of robotic arms for education, hobby, test, and the smaller industry.

Many involved throughout the years are partners in the company today. This has ensured that the product knowledge, development, and expertise for RFID and code readers have been kept in a unique way enabling the ability to develop completely new products.

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Ident System AB is arriving in Hong Kong

Starting on the 1st of June 2019, Ident System AB has Stefan Gutehall onsite in Hong Kong to handle sales, marketing and the needs of our local customers in Asia.
Stefan has spent the last 10 years in Hong Kong and Taipei and have been working with IdentSystem AB for about 2 years behind the scenes handling our international marketing efforts and documentation while preparing and researching the Asian RFID- and Code reader market as well as managing sourcing and local requests.
Stefan has a background in Measurement Physics as well as an MBA in International Marketing and we believe he will be a great strength for IdentSystem AB in Asia.
Hong Kong is for Ident System the ideal location to begin our new journey into Asia. From here we can reach most part of the aura by flight in no more than 4 hours and recently Chinas new high-speed rail was extended into the city, which enables easy access to a large market of customers, manufacturers, and suppliers.
Stefan can be contacted on email

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Sommarspecial – Robotgräsklippare från Honda

Vi på Ident System gillar robotar så som sommarerbjudande kan vi nu erbjuda er som inte kan ta ledigt under semestern Honda Miimo robotgräsklippare till bra priser.

Lämna över gräsklippningen till Honda Miimo. Hondas intelligenta robotgräsklippare som är fullständning självgående och klipper din gräsmatta helt automatiskt.

Klarar enkla trädgårdar till mer komplexa gräsmattor med rabatter, ojämn mark och sluttningar. Miimo ger dig en perfekt gräsmatta under tiden du gör roligare saker! Finns i 3 stolekar bereonde på strolek på trädgård.

  • HRM 310 upp till 1500 kvm
  • HRM 520 upp till 3000 kvm
  • HRM 3000 upp till 4000 kvm

När du köper en Honda Miimo erbjuds du även en trygghetsförsäkring, du får 2 års garanti från Honda samt att du kan få ytterligare totalt 8 års trygghet.

För er som hellre stannar hemma och klipper gräset själva kanske en Dobot M1 med ATV kan vikariera på jobbet under tiden.

Läs mer om DOBOT M1 + AGV, Honda Miimo och trygghetsförsökringen på vär webbshop: – under menyerna Robotgräsklippare eller Robotarmar.

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Dobot M1 – Simple, but professional robotic arm

Dobot M1 was designed in order to change the old truth that robotic arms have to be expensive. With 0,02mm precision, angular speed 200 degrees/s, 1,5 kg workload and a reach of 400 mm Dobot M1 is the perfect partner for a professional workspace.

Dobot M1 is easy to program, either by Dobots own visual programming tool for PC and MacOS, or by your own applications in Python, Java, C++, C#, etc. 

Dobot M1 is 714 mm high with a base of 230 x 190 mm and communicates via WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or RS-232.

To increase the usability for the M1 in educational and experimental settings, Dobot have developed an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) to provide M1 with mobility.

The DOBOT M1+AGV experimental development platform is an all-perceptive experimental platform that combines self-developed collaborative robots and intelligent mobile chassis. It can simulate various practical application scenarios, including target secondary positioning, logistics and material handling, path planning and automatic tracing.

Read more about Dobot M1 on our Nordic Webshop

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Dobot AGV for M1 Robotic Arm

To increase the usability for the M1 robotic arm when used in educational and experimental settings, Dobot have developed an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) to provide M1 with mobility

The DOBOT M1+AGV experimental development platform is an all-perceptive experimental platform that combines self-developed collaborative robots and intelligent mobile chassis. It can simulate various practical application scenarios, including target secondary positioning, logistics and material handling, path planning and automatic tracing.

The AGV has a maximum speed of 1km/h and the battery allow up to 3 hours of continuous use. For control purposes it is equipped with Laser radar, gyroscope as well as ultrasonic- and infrared sensors.

Read more about the specifications on our product page at

DOBOT has also produced a demo video that can be found here.

The picture above shows Dobot AGV with an M1 Robotic arm mounted.

For more information, contact Idensystem AB. 

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Our wide selection of RFID- and optical readers for all needs

Much has happened at Ident System AB during the past year, and more will be coming in 2019. To begin the new year, we thought that an overview of our main readers would be in place:

On the optical reader side we have EVS138 and EVS144, both available in imager and line camera versions:

EVS144 barcode readers are especially made for forklift mounting with long reading distances and no moving parts, operated by the driver. Where the Imager works excellent reading in daylight conditions, the line camera with its own lighting is developed specially for reading in darker areas.

EVS138 can be used in both fixed and mobile situations, while being lighter and smaller than the EVS144, it has high reading capabilities in difficult situations and read most kind of codes.

EVS 138 and EVS144 are available as Imager/matrix CCD camera or as line CCD camera, The imager/matrix camera has autofocus and reads code from near to far (0,5 m to 13m) depending on code density. The imager/matrix camera also reads two dimensional codes (2D). The Line CCD camera works both indoor and outdoor and is very unsensitive to sunlight. All our system can be used in both mobile or in fixed installations.

To cover large reading areas, two EVS138 can be connected as Master/Slave and work seamlessly as a single camera unit.

On the RFID side we have two main LF-reader systems at 125 kHz and 134,2 kHz.

Ideal125 Controller is supplied wit 2 antenna ports and work with older Baumer Ident IOS-L. It is controlled by either RS232 serial interface or PROFIBUS.

MR125 Mini Reader is a reader developed for those situations when you want a small reader integrated into an object, such as a drilling machine to select the right drilling toor or process.

CR125 Conveyor reader is Ethernet based with a web console and constructed to be easily integrated in to roll- or conveyor systems to track or direct the product flow.

USB125 USB reader is a small, USB communicating reader that is made to be portable between machines to manage item-lever identification of fir example press- or stamping process. Or keeping track of stamping tool usage and re-sharpening.

Ideal134 Controller is the central piece of our new tambour ID system for paper industry, the system replaces older Baumer OIS-P or Premid systems pc3000 and pc3100. By using our Ziox controller can you connect the Ideal134 system directly to your old system. The system can be connected to the main suppliers MES systems like Honeywell Optivision, ABB or Paperline.

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Industriell serie robotar från DOBOT

Under 2019 kommer DOBOt attt lansera två nya serier av robotar avsedda för industriellt användande: SR4 och SR6.
SR4 har 4 axlar och serien hanterar max belastningar från 1 till 5 kg med en räckvidd på 4-600 meter.
SR6 har 6 axlar och en belastningskapacitet fråm 3 till 10 kg, räckvidden för dessa är 0,57 till 1,4 meter.

Robotarna kan bland annat lätt programmeras via handinlärning eller DOBOTS visuella programmeringsmiljö. De har dessutom tillbehör som bildigenkänning, automatisk kalibrering med mera.
kontakta oss for mera information.

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Ident System RFID och Streckkodsläsare i webbshoppen

På vår Svenska webshop har vi nu expanderat sortimentet och erbjuder förutom DOBOTs robotarmar även våra egna industriella RFID- och streckkodsläsare samt RFID antenner.

Inkluderingen av våra egna produkter är ett led i att erbjuda våra Nordiska kunder ett snabbare sätt att enkelt beställa mindre volymer av våra produkter för test och experimentämdamål.

De kunder som vill ha mera information eller se vårt totala sortiment är välkommen att besöka, vår internationella website på tre språk. Ytterligare kontakt och orderinformation för övriga produkter finns även där.

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DOBOT Magician – Simulera produktionslinjer

Dobot Magicians Mini Production Line kan du simulera din egen production line. Bandet har programmerbart start/stopp och hastighet och i paketet ingår sensor för avstånd- och positionsbedömning, färgigenkänning samt färgade träkuber för simuleringen.

Med flera DOBOT Magician, produktionslinjer och tillbehör för identifiering genom förg och form kan du utöka möjligheterna ytterligare.