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Battery-powered charging station for Honda Miimo

For more flexible and economical charging solutions, IdentSystem AB has developed two variants of charging stations for Honda Miimo 3000.

Battery-powered signal unit – ISBP1

ISBP1 is a battery-powered signal unit for Honda Miimo HRM3000. The unit is constructed especially for use in small spaces of grass, where installation of a docking unit is not a financially viable alternative and the HRM3000 is moved to let run until the battery is depleted (ca 2 hours) before it is manually recharged.
ISBP1 is delivered with a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery that supplies the HRM3000 transmitter with extra power for ca 20h. A LED, similar to the HRM3000 charging station, indicate then the transmitter is active.
The functionality is the same as on the charging station, the unit has a breaking contact that disconnects the transmitter when the battery is removed.

ISOL/Powerbox – ISBP3

ISBP3 is an advanced unit that does not require any power to run a Honda Miimo HRM3000.
The unit is intended to be used where there is no electricity like roundabouts, summer cottages, football fields, islands etc.
ISBP3 does not require any connection to the power grid, its battery bank is charged either via solar panels alone or in combination with a vertical windmill.
The main unit has a 100 Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable battery that gives an operating time of an HRM3000 for appr 18 h. (max battery is 200Ah).
The units can also handle multi-Miimo setups.
ISBP3 is delivered with the main unit, one battery 100 Ah, cables and solar panels and if desired, a vertical wind mill depending on where to use the unit and how. Minimum delivery is only solar panels and a 100 Ah battery. An aluminium frame is included for the solar panels. The vertical windmill is delivered with mounting for stand-alone or for attachment to a building or roof.

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