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Benefits of using EVS144 Barcode reader

There are many reasons to use a forklift-mounted code reader. First, ergonomics and the working environment becomes better with a reader mounted on the lift. In all situations of cargo handling, it is important to reduce the handling as far as possible in order to minimise damage to the cargo, and if you ensure correct handling the number of errors are reduced and both customer and supplier can save money. Error in the warehouse can also be minimised at the same time as the risk of sending the wrong product to the customer is less.
If you also combine the EVS144 reader with a positioning system (by RFID), you can have almost 100% control over warehouse transfers and transactions. By always doing the right thing, the environmental impact is also lessened.

Summary of the benefits of EVS144:

  • Improved working environment/ergonomics
  • Minimised handling of cargo
  • Less damage on the cargo
  • Less or no stock handling errors
  • Fewer erroneous deliveries
  • Reduced environmental impact