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Our wide selection of RFID- and optical readers for all needs

Much has happened at Ident System AB during the past year, and more will be coming in 2019. To begin the new year, we thought that an overview of our main readers would be in place:

On the optical reader side we have EVS138 and EVS144, both available in imager and line camera versions:

EVS144 barcode readers are especially made for forklift mounting with long reading distances and no moving parts, operated by the driver. Where the Imager works excellent reading in daylight conditions, the line camera with its own lighting is developed specially for reading in darker areas.

EVS138 can be used in both fixed and mobile situations, while being lighter and smaller than the EVS144, it has high reading capabilities in difficult situations and read most kind of codes.

EVS 138 and EVS144 are available as Imager/matrix CCD camera or as line CCD camera, The imager/matrix camera has autofocus and reads code from near to far (0,5 m to 13m) depending on code density. The imager/matrix camera also reads two dimensional codes (2D). The Line CCD camera works both indoor and outdoor and is very unsensitive to sunlight. All our system can be used in both mobile or in fixed installations.

To cover large reading areas, two EVS138 can be connected as Master/Slave and work seamlessly as a single camera unit.

On the RFID side we have two main LF-reader systems at 125 kHz and 134,2 kHz.

Ideal125 Controller is supplied wit 2 antenna ports and work with older Baumer Ident IOS-L. It is controlled by either RS232 serial interface or PROFIBUS.

MR125 Mini Reader is a reader developed for those situations when you want a small reader integrated into an object, such as a drilling machine to select the right drilling toor or process.

CR125 Conveyor reader is Ethernet based with a web console and constructed to be easily integrated in to roll- or conveyor systems to track or direct the product flow.

USB125 USB reader is a small, USB communicating reader that is made to be portable between machines to manage item-lever identification of fir example press- or stamping process. Or keeping track of stamping tool usage and re-sharpening.

Ideal134 Controller is the central piece of our new tambour ID system for paper industry, the system replaces older Baumer OIS-P or Premid systems pc3000 and pc3100. By using our Ziox controller can you connect the Ideal134 system directly to your old system. The system can be connected to the main suppliers MES systems like Honeywell Optivision, ABB or Paperline.