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Our TambourID solution with older systems

Our LF (134.2kHz) solution for TambourID in the paper industry has now got an update that makes it more flexible and easier to install even with older OIS-P/Premid systems running ZIOX16.

We adapted our EVS-SPC (Smart Protocol Converter) and combined it with our TambourID system so that it can now not only communicate by modern serial protocols (RS232, RS422, Ethernet), but also with older protocols such as ZIOX16.

To make adaptation even easier and faster, we also use a resolver database which allows us to not only convert incoming data tag ID:s from 18 to 16 bytes needed for ZIOX16 (or other systems), but also enable us to translate our new data tag ID:s to the numbers already stored in your existing system, thus making out TambourID as non-intrusive at installation as possible.

Please contact us for more information about how we can adapt our TambourID to fit your specific needs.