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Identification products in Logistics industry 1 – Barcodes

Our recent newsletters has to a large part been focused on products and their implementations in the process industry, but they are also well suited for the logistics and warehousing industry. In the coming month, we will present a series of newsletters were we introduce our products in this sector, and how they can be implemented. 

We will start in this mail by our EVS138/144 series of barcode readers, and in the next mail we will discuss RFID reader, followed by accessory equipment and implementation services.

Our range of EVS138/144 barcode scanners are ideal for the transportation and logistics sector. Being rugged and robust with a wide reading area, they are suited for both stationary placements as well as mobile on for example a forklift. Our range cover models well suited for outdoor use in strong sunlight where many ordinary readers might have trouble reading the codes, we have also models equipped with LED spotlights for indoor readings in dark warehouses.

For larger reading ares on a wide forklift mount, two units can be Master/Slave coupled and together work as one wide angle reader, or with each reader working separately to fail proof the reading. For stationary use our readers could be placed by a conveyor belt, reading the codes as they pass by. With a wide reading range, our readers easily pics up codes as they pass by.

For special conditions with hight demands on barcodes robustness, our readers can handle barcodes cut out in metal sheets.

A typical use for our code readers would be for container- or pallet handling and identification, the interface is a standard RS-232 and integrate with most Warehouse management systems.

We can also help customers to a complete system covering handheld barcode reader solutions for portable use through our network of suppliers.