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Replacing OIS-L 76/77 in Cimat AGV system

One of our most recent request from a customer was to help them update their old Baumer OIS-L readers whish was beginning to show their age. The update was complicated by the fact that the Tag Data needed to be translated by a resolver database in real-time to positional data for the Cimat AVG:s that were and integrated part of their system. Part of this was also the need to send a tag-in-field signal to their PLC when a tag was in the antenna field for reading.
We solved this by adapting our previous Protocol Converter, make it modular and develop modules where a resolver database, as well as tag-in-field functionality, could be added.

Ideal125 mounted on custom MPCIdeal125 mounted on custom MPC

The MPC is a further development and merge of our ZIOX host unit and Protocol converter. Following customers needs, it evolved and “MPC” now stands for Modular Protocol Converter – making it possible to add desired functions to the base unit, and thereby simplify the development of customer-specific requests. There are for example a complete keyboard emulator as well as a Tag-In-Field circuit that will send a signal as soon as a tag is within reading distance of an RFID antenna.

The basic MPC still keep the basic functions:

  • Bit rate converter that also converts stop/start bits and parity.
  • ZIOX-host controller.

Which can be extended with for example

  • Logic controller – database with resolver data.
  • Keyboard emulation
  • Customer-specific modules
  • Tag-In-Field circuit that will send a signal as soon as a tag is within reading distance of an RFID antenna
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Dobot Robotic arms at Ident System AB

Since August 2017 Ident System AB have been representing Dobot Robotic arms on the Scandinavian market.

Dobot is the manufacturers of affordable, flexible and user-friendly robotic arms for education, hobby, as well as small- and medium-sized companies. All Dobot robotic arms can be programmed visually through Dobot Studio, with support for C++, C#, Python and Java, through own API and modules. Integration with MATLAB is another option.

Dobot Magician

Magician löpande band

First to be introduced was Dobot Magician, a robotic arm with 4 axis where fast and simple programming options give the user flexibility to adapt to changing uses. With its low price and high flexibility, Dobot Magician is an excellent option for education and test system but can also is used for production.
Dobot Magician can be ordered with three separate accessories: A Vision kit, that allows the user to experiment and use robotic vision system with Magician; Mini Production Line that can be used together with one or more Dobot Magicians to simulate a production line; and a Sliding rail which extend the range of the robotic arm. Dobot M1 communicates via WiFi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet.

Dobot M1

Dobot M1 dimensions

Dobot M1 was designed with the thought of changing the fact that most robotic arms are too expensive for the small industry. With a high 0,02 mm precision, speed of 200 degrees/second, range of 400 mm and a maximum load of 1,5 kg it is a perfect companion at a professional workplace. Dobot M1 communicates via WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or RS-232.

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Ident System AB Introducerar Dobot robotarmar

Välkommen till Ident System AB:s första nyhetsbrev där vi introducerar Dobot robotarmar för den skandinaviska marknaden. Först ut är Dobot Magician, en prisvärd, enkel och flexibel robotarm avsedd för utbildning, hobby och småföretag.Magician löpande band

Dobot Magician är en väldesignad och användarvänlig robotarm med 4 axlar där snabb och enkel programmering ger dig den flexibilitet du behöver för att snabbt anpassa armen till det aktuella behovet. Dobot Magician passar alla ändamål, men med sitt låga pris speciellt lämpat för utbildning, småföretag och testsystem som snabbt behöver konfigureras för specifika ändamål.

Dobot Magician kan programmeras antingen visuellt via DobotStudio, med stöd för C++, C#, Python and Java, genom egna API och moduler finns integrerat. Kommunikation sker via USB, WiFi eller Bluetooth och efter programmering kan Dobot Magician även köras fristående. Integration med MATLAB är också möjlig.

Snabbfäste för de medföljande verktygen ökar flexibiliteten och exempel på användningsområden är lasergravyr, 3D printing, visuell identifiering och sortering. Dobot Magician funktionalitet och tillbehör levereras paketerad Basic eller Advanced beroende på önskemål och extra tillbehör kan anpassa Dobot Magician efter behov.

Som extra tillbehör finns en Mini Production Line främst för simulering av produktionsprocesser i utbildningssammanhang samt ett Sliding rail som utökar Magicians räckvidd med 1 m.

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