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Dobot AGV for M1 Robotic Arm

To increase the usability for the M1 robotic arm when used in educational and experimental settings, Dobot have developed an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) to provide M1 with mobility

The DOBOT M1+AGV experimental development platform is an all-perceptive experimental platform that combines self-developed collaborative robots and intelligent mobile chassis. It can simulate various practical application scenarios, including target secondary positioning, logistics and material handling, path planning and automatic tracing.

The AGV has a maximum speed of 1km/h and the battery allow up to 3 hours of continuous use. For control purposes it is equipped with Laser radar, gyroscope as well as ultrasonic- and infrared sensors.

Read more about the specifications on our product page at

DOBOT has also produced a demo video that can be found here.

The picture above shows Dobot AGV with an M1 Robotic arm mounted.

For more information, contact Idensystem AB.